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About Stud

The prototype of the future stud began to found in 2002 (by the way, it was the year of Horse in the Eastern calendar). The first three Akhal-Teke were acquired then: a young two-year-old stallion Galaly, palomino mare Ajgul and perlino yearling Altynaj.

Afterwards mares Mamali and Symfoniya from Yejsk, Garlygach from Dagestan, Rovana from Stavropol Stud and stallions Paj, Aknur and mare Akylly from Turkmenistan joined the breeding team of our Stud. They formed the core of Shah-Teke Stud.

Up to the present time we have used four own stallions in breeding program: light buckskin Galaly 2000 and his son palomino Gedem-Shah,2012 Sovkhoz 2nd line; perlino Bartang,2011 Mele Kush line and perlino Sarmat-Shah,2013 Gundogar line. We used rented horses belongs to the other private owners (Garant, Sajvan, Perigej, Melebajdak, Tsair Shael). In 2019 three new sires arrives for breeding: born at our stud buckskin son of Bartang Ganimed-Shah,2015; Alisher Shael,2015 El line from Shamborant Stud and Alam,2009 from Akhal Stud – the son of our Aknur. The mares stuff is completed with mares of the various origin: the most mares are born in studfarms of different Russian regions (Akhalt-Service stud, Akhal stud, Yulduz stud, Nisa stud, Gurtbil stud); there are horses that was born in Turkmenistan. Different breed lines are presented: Gundogar (Lyutnya-Nisa, Gaya-Shah, Biryusa, Syujmyk-Shah, Psykheya, Agayana-Shah, Arzigul-Shah), Sovkhos 2nd (Gerkana-Shah, Ajgyuler-Shah, Biyagul-Shah), Fakirpelvan (Symfoniya, Mamali and Asama), Gelishikli (Rusalka, Gamilya), Kaplan (Bigoim, Funaj-Khanum), Kir Sakar (Akylly), Posman (Gyuldzhan-Shah), Arab (Apparel) and Everdy Teleke (Dzhanuri).

SHAH-TEKE stud, now the full-weight Stud Farm SHAH-TEKE has been engaged in breeding Akhal-Teke horses of universal purposes which is based on breeding material of Turkmen and Russian origin. The main purpose of the program is the growing of typical, the right exterior and strong horses. To do this for several years we have the training department in Pyatigorsk where the youngsters passes at the track.The winners and prize-winners of many races were: m. Agayana-Shah, m. Ajsel-Shah, st.Patakh-Shah, st.Polatgush-Shah, st.Gayar-Shah. But the real pride of the studfarm is the mare Garam-Shah - the winner of the most important horse race for mares in 2020y - the Big prize for mares Oaks, and the stallion Gujur-Shah, who until the age of 8 competed at various racetracks in Russia, won many traditional prizes, and also won the most expensive horse race, the Prize "Russian Argamak" in 2019 in Moscow. Several foals represents the Stud Farm in the classic disciplines of equestrian sport. For example, stallion Gajduvsyz-Shah successfully attains the school of dressage and Gurlan-Shah has began his career in show-jumping.

Our horses regularly participates in breeding exhibitions and shows where steadily gets titles and wins prizes (st. Barkhan-Shah – The Young Champion of Russia-2006; m. Majgul-Shah – The Young Champion of Russia-2006; m. Gerkana-Shah – The Young World Champion 2009, 2010, The Champion of the Gold Shael Cup-2009, 2010; st. Gudrat-Shah – The Young Champion of Russia-2012; st. Sarmat-Shah - The Young Reserve World Champion-2015; m. Gyuldzhan-Shah – The Young World Champion-2015; m. Agayiana-Shah - The Young Reserve Champion of Russia-2016; m. Suyukli-Shah - The Young Reserve Champion of Moscow-2016; m. Biyagul-Shah - The Young Reserve Champion of the Cup of Russia-2017; st. Ganimed-Shah - The Young Reserve Champion of the Cup of Russia-2017, the Reserve Champion of Moscow-2018; st. Polatgush-Shah – The Champion of Russia-2018; m. Arzigul-Shah – The Reserve Champion of Moscow-2018; st. Bashir-Shah - The Young Reserve Champion of Moscow-2018; m. Simbar-Shah – The Young Champion of Moscow-2018); st. Bagor-Shah -Junior Champion of the Cup of Russia-2019; st. Dzhangaraj- Shah - the Young Reserve champion of Russia - 2019; m.Garam-Shah -Junior Champion of the Russian Cup, Absolute Champion of the Russian Cup-2019, Champion of Russia-2020; st. Biarslan-Shah -Junior Champion of Russia - 2020; st. Bayar-Shah - The Best yearling of the Moscow Championship 2020; st. Bektugan-Shah - is a silver medalist of the ring of yearlings of the Moscow 2020 Championship.